What is Pope Francis Up To?

by Mike on March 27, 2013

in Religion

Pope Francis was only elected two weeks ago and he has already captured the attention of the world.  In these two weeks, one thing I’ve noticed among people I know is that some Catholics who don’t accept the teachings of the Catholic Church have cited Pope Francis’ humility and willingness to put faith into action as a rhetorical weapon to bludgeon the more academically-oriented Pope Benedict XVI.  But as the Anchoress points out in today’s outstanding post, those who use some of Pope Francis’ strengths as a weapon against his predecessors and the church itself as well as those who fixate on Pope Francis are missing the point of his early pontificate, which is to renew and clarify the church so the modern world can see what it’s really about and then be challenged.

Of course, she says it better than I ever could so I’m about to say something I don’t say that often, but probably should:  read the whole thing.  Trust me.  If you want to learn about Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict, and the church itself, click the link.

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