Obama Sets Up More Gun Control Props

by Ryan on March 28, 2013

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President Obama, deeply committed to dealing with Mideast peace Sequester cuts gay marriage immigration reform gun control, tried to “shame” Congress into action by using mothers of slain children in the Sandy Hook Massacre as props to promote his political agenda.  Hot Air deals quite well with the brazen and cynical sideshow the President put on today.

What bugged me, though, was how the press used the release of details from the Sandy Hook massacre to push the President’s agenda.  ABC Radio news today even implied that it was Lanza’s own guns along with NRA pamphlets which enabled the massacre!  Talk about shameful.

First of all, Lanza didn’t own any guns, his mom did.  Second, he killed her, stole her guns, then went on his rampage.  Third, nothing about his medications or other details about his specific mental condition are mentioned in the data released today — that’s an uncomfortable subject.  Yet, those details matter, especially when policy is being formed to punish millions of law-abiding citizens because of the actions of a mentally ill individual.  And shame on Obama for using people involved in a tragedy as political human shields.

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