New Study: 30 is the New 45

by Ryan on April 10, 2013

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A new study spanning different generations over 25 years indicates that today’s young adults are 15 years less healthy than previous age groups at the same age.  Meaning, the prevalence of health issues related to things like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. among 40-year-olds today is similar to the levels older groups have at age 55!

None of this is good, or unexpected.  Our increasingly sedentary lives cater to these maladies.  However, like those people born in the 1920s whose bodies showed in old age indications of malnutrition as children during the Great Depression, today’s young people may show something similar in their old age.

Counter-intuitively (but related), according to the National Academy of the Sciences, over time “improvements in health are negatively correlated with GDP growth and positively correlated with increases in the unemployment rate.”  Weird.

Will that hold as we wade deeper into our current Obama-induced economic quagmire?  I’m not sure what the impact of the ever-increasing welfare state in America may have on that.  Time will tell.

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