Farage: “This European Union is the New Communism”

by Ryan on April 22, 2013

in Economy,Europe,UK Politics

The EU is a clear political expression of a civilization’s decay as its ruling class plays its last few cards before some kind of end.  Nigel Farage, an MEP from the UK who belongs to the UK Independence Party (UKIP) back home, spoke truth to power about the EU’s actions regarding the troubles in Cyprus, using the dreaded “c-word,” communism, when describing the wealth confiscation plan proposed by the EU in Cyprus.  Here’s the clip:

Usually we hear such displays of truth from UK MEPs like Daniel Hannan, but Farage is great here!  Yet, why do I have the feeling that the chamber is virtually empty when either man speaks, and that condescending eye-rolls pepper these men from the other side of the camera.

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