Steyn: Collapsing the American Skull

by Ryan on April 28, 2013

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Mark Steyn’s NRO article this week is classic, cutting Steyn.  In it he takes on our lack of immigrant assimilation while tying in Dr. “Baby-Killer” Kermit Gosnell’s abortion crimes.  Here are two excerpts:

Until the 1960s, it was assumed by all sovereign states that they had the right to choose which non-nationals were admitted within their borders. Now, to suggest such a thing risks the charge of “nativism” and to propose that, say, Swedes are easier to assimilate than Chechens is to invite cries of “Racist!” So, when the morgues and emergency rooms are piled high, the only discussion acceptable in polite society is to wonder whether those legless Bostonians should have agitated more forcefully for federally mandated after-school assimilationist basketball programs.

Here, Steyn connects the two themes after delving into Gosnell’s trial:

Maybe if we didn’t collapse the skulls of so many black babies in Philadelphia, we wouldn’t need to import so many excitable young Chechens. But that’s thinking outside the box, and the box is getting ever smaller, like a nice, cozy cocoon in which we’re always warm and safe. Like — what’s the word? — a womb.

Steyn certainly has a way of cutting through the PC nonsense.  Read After America — it’s filled with refreshing straight-talk like this.

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rightonoz April 30, 2013 at 5:06 pm

We’re suffering the same, though because of our spineless Labor government, any criminal/other wanting a good life get’s on a boat from Indonesia and travels a couple of hundred miles, waits to be discovered by our navy, then pulls the plug on the boat, meaning we have to rescue them, and claim refuge status. It was a fanatical Australia Muslim who helped turn the Boston bombers. We don’t want him, but under our law can’t throw the bastard out.

Sovereign nations should have the right to decide who they want or don’t want. Screw all the PC/refuge activist shit!


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