No one should be surprised that the Benghazi scandal dominates the headlines once again, this time with whistle-blowers.  The Obama Administration has stone-walled, subverted, intimidated, and just plain lied about that they knew and when they knew it.

The outrage isn’t new and isn’t going away.  This isn’t Watergate or Iran-Contra or Zippergate.  Four people are dead including US Ambassador Chris Stevens. They were killed during a sustained two-part terrorist attack on our consulate on September 11 of all days, and in its aftermath the Administration purposefully misled the nation for weeks during the run-up to a Presidential election!  This ain’t going away.

That being said, the MSM (who many are calling the “Praetorian Media” lately) is shrugging off all the new testimony and inconsistencies.  White House Spokes-puppet Jay Carney is calling the fuss political regarding something that happened a long time ago.  If his response weren’t so Alinksy-like, I’d be disappointed.  It obviously signals that the Administration is uncomfortable about where this is going.  And where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Today’s testimony was intriguing.  Here’s a poignant clip from whistle-blower and regional security officer Eric Nordstrum:

Here’s Representative Gowdy nailing it (much of the revelations by Greg Hicks here are contrary to the Administration’s position):

Wow.  It’s unfortunate that any of this needs to happen, but it’s too late now — we have to know the truth.  We’re closer to that today than at any time since the attack.

UPDATE:  The plot thickens???

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