The Economy: A Good Sign and a Dire Warning

by Ryan on May 11, 2013

in Economy

Scouring the Internets this morning I bumped into two articles.  One shows something good, the other something not so good.

Michael Barone wrote this article posted on RCP which says the college bubble is finally starting to burst.  The cost of university has not been tied to market forces since about 1986, which helps to explain the ridiculous costs facing undergraduates over the last decade.   These universities have had to give scholarships and discounts in order to be competitive.  Barone states that data over the last few years indicates that tuition rates have finally succumbed to market forces.  Rates may even decrease over the next few years.

Then I read this which comments on Peter Schiff’s new book.  It’s total pessimism porn.  In sum, the Federal Reserve’s money pumping is inflating the market and slowly tearing apart the dollar.  One day the game will stop and craziness will ensue!  Read the article, it’s pretty interesting.  Unfortunately, Schiff has been really prescient on these kinds of things.

Well, at least the college thing sounds good.

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