Brazen: New IRS Obamacare Director Oversaw IRS Malfeasance

by Ryan on May 17, 2013

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In the face of a growing IRS scandal related to the political targeting of conservative groups in the run-up to the 2012 Election, Sarah Hall Ingram, the woman who oversaw all that malfeasance as it was happening, is getting a new job — running the IRS wing of Obamacare.

Ingram should be dragged in front of a Congressional committee, put under oath, and grilled to pieces.  Instead, she’s being shuffled around to a position with considerably more power to ruin the lives of Obama’s political opponents if only asked.  The Congressional Q&A may still happen, but this is quite a brazen act by the Obama Nation.

The GOP should learn something here, if they haven’t figure it out already — be thorough and meticulous with these issues because because this administration will go there.

That, and don’t think for a minute that because the press is finally sort-of exposing Obama to a week of what Dubya had to endure for eight years that Obama’s ship-of-state is in trouble:  the Dems are already saying enough on a “fully-vetted” Benghazi scandal; the President is positioning himself as concerned and above the fray (as if this somehow isn’t actually his administration) which is a posture which has worked for Obama these five years; the usual hacks are implying that since there are too many scandals, this must merely be “desperate” GOP measures, and so on.  In the political world, these multiple scandals could each disappear (or be redefined) within a news cycle and the Dem counterattack is on.

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