Movie Review — Star Trek Into Darkness

by Ryan on May 18, 2013

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JJ Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek series hits a truly satisfying note in his second installment, Star Trek Into Darkness.  Here’s the trailer:


Like Abrams’ original reboot, this latest movie has the energy, pacing, and spectacle which even the non- or casual Trekkie will be able to enjoy.  This was just about the fastest 123 minutes I’ve experienced in a movie theater — I need to see it again just to absorb everything in here!

For full enjoyment, those familiar with the original plot, cast, and storyline need to accept that this is a reboot:  the characters are the same, but the timeline has changed.  If you can do that and just experience the movie, Star Trek Into Darkness shines!   The reboot concept also explains why a few critics didn’t really like it, thought it was missing heart, etc.  There’s no satisfying some — it wasn’t perfection and has its flaws, but the film was the most entertaining, fun, and visually spectacular film I’ve seen in a while.  Then again, I like Star Trek and understand what Abrams is trying to do here.

There are some real mind-blowing plot twists which I will not spoil.  Just know that Abrams embraces canon where possible, yet because of film purposes he accelerates their development and relationships.  I can’t remember where, but someone posited that Star Trek Into Darkness is a love story.  In a way it is, but not the way you expect.  The “darkness” quotient in the title is also from a place you don’t expect.

If you have an afternoon to spare and want to see what the buzz is about, you’ll leave feeling that the movie was at the very least a B.  If you loved the first film and have some Trekkie in you, it’s a clear A-.

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