Oklahoma Hit with Flurry of Tornadoes

by Ryan on May 20, 2013

in Natural Disasters

Over the last few days, Oklahoma has seen more than its fair share of tornadoes.  Living in the infamous “tornado alley,” people who live on the Great Plains do expect that eventually a tornado will hit in the same way that those in Florida expect a hurricane or that those in California will experience another big earthquake.  It’s simply part of living in that area.  However, most tornadoes on the Great Plains hit uninhabited fly-over country.

Not always, though.

Just a few hours ago, a massive mile-wide tornado decimated suburbs around Oklahoma City, the state’s capital and most populous area.  The disaster is still developing at this point, but the damage is severe.  The storm system still plagues the area, so this story is unfortunately still developing.

UPDATE:  Some good news — twenty four hours later the death toll from the Moore, OK, area has been revised downward from around 51 to 24.

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