Krauthammer’s Observation about Obama During Benghazi

by Ryan on May 29, 2013

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Here is renowned Establishment intellectual Charles Krauthammer on O’Reilly the other night wanting to know something critically important about the least sexy of the three major scandals facing the Obama Nation at present:

Great question!  Personally, I think he went to sleep — he had a busy day of campaigning the following day and needed his beauty rest.

However, let’s entertain a crazy idea for the heck of it!  Get out your tin foil hats and read below.

DISCLAIMER:  I have no proof or evidence for any of this — it’s merely a mental exercise.

What the heck were our guys doing in such a dangerous place on such an important anniversary anyway and why were the soldiers in the area told not to help?

Here’s my black helicopter theory:

Chris Stevens was trying to secure errant weapons we gave to sketchy rebels during the waning days of Qaddafi.  Those weapons would then be disposed of or funneled somewhere else (Syria, perhaps?) so as not to expose the President’s terrible policy towards the Libyan rebels.  Stevens was probably told that given the nature of the operation if things were to go bad, the government would NOT assist or risk exposing the whole thing weeks out from an election.

As we know, it went bad.  The government didn’t assist at all during the eight-hour ordeal and forces in the area were even told to stand down — very odd given the situation.

We know Obama was briefed by Panetta early-on in the firefight, but did not act — also odd behavior unless the mission entailed the caveat that no one must know.  Hillary was obviously in on it since Stevens works for her and that she went right along with the fake story.

That all may explain Obama’s inaction, the fake story and cover-up, Stevens presence in Benghazi, the protection of Hillary, and why the stonewalling remains in full effect.

Or, none of the above happened like that at all, and I’m reading too deeply into things!

Probably, but the administration’s behavior on this issue screams out for a conspiracy.  Why not just come clean?  Why the fake story?  Where was Obama that night?  Hopefully, we’ll all know one day.

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