Not Sure About This Marco Rubio Fellow Anymore

by Ryan on June 1, 2013

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The centripetal force of the statist-leaning ruling class in DC is enormous.  It gobbles up new, bright-eyed members all the time and spits out more of the same junk.

Unfortunately, a once bright shining star in my eyes, Marco Rubio, has been caught up in it.  Nothing proves that more than how he’s become a “rube” (pun intended) on immigration reform.  He’s both the face and punching bag of that latest crap-sandwich of an immigration bill.

He can’t really be naive enough to honestly believe that any plan on immigration with Schumer and Durbin behind it is in any way good for the country or the Republican Party.  But then again, Rubio is still relatively new on the political scene — maybe he is that naive and gullible.

Not to be solely out on the ledge, Rubio is dragging a few other GOP Senators along to try to cajole chat with House conservatives soon.  This article from the Daily Caller points out some real tough questions Rubio and crew will be unable to answer without dodging or squirming at that meeting:

  • Is there evidence this will help the GOP?
  • Is there evidence that this plan will actually work?
  • How is this not amnesty?
  • How much will this cost?
  • How much will immigration increase if it’s passed?
  • Why take Obama’s word on the border?
  • Why not enforcement first?
  • If illegal immigration is down in recent years, why reverse course?

The answers are clear and none of them are remotely good for America or conservatism.

Then again, Rubio’s evolving definition of “conservative leadership” actually includes Chris Christie these days!  Unlike Senator Rubio and many others on the right, I actually live in New Jersey and can tell you that on his best days Christie is a RINO.  Christie’s temper and media attention from his unscripted remarks might play well in the sticks, but a “conservative” he is not:   only 51% of lost jobs have returned to New Jersey since the recession; property taxes were capped not lowered; he’s embraced the Big Brother Common Core school standards debacle; he let the Dems take the lead on new gun control measures; he didn’t file a lawsuit against Obamacare; and has agreed to the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid which will screw my state within three years or so when the feds stop paying the difference.

How in the hell is any of that conservative?  It’s not — it might be OK for blue New Jersey, but it’s not conservative.  If Rubio is going to earn that “Tea Party” label, he’d better stop sounding and acting like an Establishment RINO on the big issues of the day.

Until he demonstrates fidelity to conservative principles, I am officially no longer impressed by Marco Rubio.

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