The Susan Rice Appointment: Two Views

by Ryan on June 5, 2013

in Media Bias,Politics

In the Obama Nation, being a national embarrassment can get you a promotion!  In this case, former UN Ambassador and complete embarrassment Susan Rice was just appointed National Security Adviser by President Obama today.  But why?

After listening to the pundits and scouring the Internets, I noticed two schools of thought — the obvious school and the sneaky one — but they both really lead to the same place.

The obvious reason is that Obama is merely playing politics — he genuinely likes Rice, but gets the satisfaction of irking the GOP since Rice’s new position is not subject to Congressional approval.

A likely reason for Rice’s appointment is that it’s plausible she knew full-well that she was misleading everyone during her infamous Sunday talk show circuit back in September.  Given the remaining questions on the Benghazi incident, it is also plausible that Susan Rice could be called to testify in front of a Congressional committee and put under oath.  As National Security Adviser, it will take considerable effort and lots of legal battles just to get her to testify. Obama is both hiding and protecting her, which in turn helps him.  Sneaky.

Let’s review:  Obama gets to irk the GOP, allow the MSM to let Obama talk about something other than his scandal-plagued White House, all while basically making his friend free from potential prosecution.  The GOP will bite and be distracted while the MSM will gleefully indulge the President’s attempt to change the subject long enough to clear some of the scandal debris.

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