FBI Becoming Victims of Obama Scandals

by Ryan on June 16, 2013

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Probably the most disturbing video I saw last week out of DC was when Congressman Jim Jordan got into this exchange with FBI Director Robert Mueller over the status of the IRS scandal:

Awful.  However, some of Jordan’s questions were unanswerable since the investigation is ongoing… but it also seems like the investigation into the most serious charges over the last month really isn’t “going” anywhere. Convenient for Mueller who didn’t even to bother to look at any notes or forms regarding these questions.

Here’s the bigger problem — the FBI (as an agency) is being drawn into the Obama Administration’s pattern of obstructionism and that agency’s reputation will suffer.  Director Mueller is in charge of the FBI, but answers to the Justice Department, which is headed by embattled Attorney General Eric Holder.  The same Eric Holder who lied about the Rosen case, was held in contempt of Congress over the “Fast and Furious” scandal, and who has a history of constantly obstructing Congressional inquiries.

There are a lot of good people at the FBI who do great work.  Mueller’s incompetence answering those questions on such an important and relevant topic projects weakness, confusion, and laziness from the highest levels of that agency, which raise disturbing questions:  is the FBI led by an incompetent? are members of the FBI obstructing this investigation on purpose?  is the FBI doing the political bidding of Holder-Obama-Jarrett?  Not good.

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