Cruz and Sessions: Read the Bill!

by Ryan on June 24, 2013

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This week the Senate will pass an absolutely terrible comprehensive immigration bill which will likely be more harmful to the economy than to the Republican Party (if that’s possible), as well as not solving the problem.

“Comprehensive” bills just mean “filled with junk that could never pass on its own.”  The other problem with “comprehensive” reforms lately is that the bill grows to at least 1,000 or more pages that no one has time to read before it’s voted on!

Enter Senator Ted Cruz’s scathing critique of that very concept.  Since Obamacare was rammed through just over three years ago, there is absolutely no excuse for Republicans putting up with the same tactic being applied to a huge immigration bill with substantial consequences.  Senator Jeff Sessions echoes that very point too — with so many last-minute amendments and with so little time, very few people will have any idea what’s in this bill!  This kind of thing never turns out well.

Unfortunately, there could be up to 15 Republicans in the Senate who are going along with it — that’s sad, infuriating, and (unfortunately) not surprising.

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