NObamacare for the NFL

by Ryan on June 29, 2013

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Obamacare has a problem: if 2.7 million 18-35 year old males don’t sign up for those state exchanges, the whole thing is going to implode pretty quickly.  In their wisdom, our central planners figure that healthy young people’s high rates can pay for sickly old people.  If there’s not enough young people paying into the system, the scheme won’t work.

So, Sibelius and her minions at HHS have been attempting to target that demographic by asking the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc. if they wouldn’t mind advertizing for the program.

While I have a feeling the NBA is eventually going to go along with it, the NFL has thus far declined.  After a strongly-worded letter from Congressional Republicans and media backlash from the Right, the NFL seems to be temporarily trying to stay out of politics.

Given the bully-like nature of this administration, that’s a bold stand.  Hopefully, we’ll get a few more years of decent NFL seasons (before its seemingly inevitable transition to flag football) without having them officially hock for unpopular and controversial political causes.

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