GOP Trying to Delay Individual Mandate

by Ryan on July 10, 2013

in Health Care,Politics,Stupid government

The Senate and House GOP have decided to snip at the edges of Obamacare, taking the populist political posture of trying to delay the individual mandate, undoubtedly thinking it will help get votes next year.

Their logic is that since large businesses don’t have to provide health care for another year, individuals should not be punished by having to pay either.  They’re asking the administration to “permanently delay” the implementation of Obamacare.


This does nothing but put the GOP safely on record (once again) not liking Obamacare (shocking, I know!), merely posturing without taking substantive action.  If they’re going continue to wuss-out on real action they might as well just step aside, let all this happen, then run against it next year.  Unfortunately, the GOP never misses an opportunity to jump on a sword or misread the tea-leaves (pun intended), so I don’t really have faith that this will go anywhere or changing any votes.

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