Janet Napolitano to Resign

by Ryan on July 12, 2013

in Immigration,Law,New York City,Politics,War on Terror

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is going to resign her position in September in order to be president of the University of California.

Under her tenure, we’ve had lawless borders, imposing a Dream Act-lite ICE enforcement by executive fiat, phrases like saying “man-caused disasters” rather than “terrorism” entering our lexicon, an underwear and Times Square bomber foiled less by her department’s skills than by vigilant Americans, the TSA taking nude images of us at the airport until just recently, the botched Sandy relief attempt which hasn’t completely figured out what to do with much of Staten Island, and of course, the Boston Marathon bombing.

Just think, with a record like that in the Obama Administration she wasn’t fired, she just decided to retire!  I’m apprehensive about who Obama will pick to replace her — could be an improvement, could be worse.

UPDATEHere’s a compilation of some humorous Drudge headlines about “Big Sis.”

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