The IRS Scandal: Washington Bound

by Ryan on July 18, 2013

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On May 10th Lois Lerner spoke of misconduct by the IRS which purposefully targeted groups who were politically opposed to the administration, essentially breaking the IRS scandal.

Well, things have been quiet for a while — until today.  Issa’s House Oversight Committee called IRS officials from the much-maligned Cincinnati office to testify.  Well, they did indicating that they were getting directions from a political appointee in Washington — not a bureaucratic functionary, but someone who is specifically appointed by the administration, head of the Office of Chief Counsel, William Wilkins.  Also, IRS official Carter Hull from the Cincinnati office (with 48 years of experience) testified that this action was very unusual.

Drip-by-drip we’re getting closer to knowing where this creepy, statist behavior started and figuring out how to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.  The administration said this all started in Cincinnati by a group of rogue agents.  We now know that an Obama administration political appointee directed the process in Cincinnati from Washington.

So, obviously this doesn’t end with Wilkins.  Although I initially thought throwing the book at Lois Lerner was the way to go, I’m starting to think that granting her some kind of immunity in exchange for truthful and complete testimony might be more beneficial in the long run in getting to the bottom of this scandal.

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