The Royal Baby’s First Appearance

by Ryan on July 23, 2013

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Yesterday, the royal family got a bit bigger with the birth of William and Kate’s son, the new “Prince of Cambridge.”  Here was the scene just a few minutes ago outside of the hospital where Kate gave birth.  The whole family looks great, though a bit tired as one can imagine.

At the time of this writing, the child doesn’t yet have a name.  Sometimes the royals like nice long names, sometimes they include their surname (Windsor in this case).  My prediction is that the primary name of this boy will be George, which apparently has 7/4 odds as the name in some betting circles.

While following the royal family isn’t really my cup of tea, I can appreciate the historical and cultural significance of a new heir to the British throne, and can wish a new couple good luck!

But who knows, with genes like those of Queen Elizabeth there may not even be a monarchy by the time it’s this boy’s turn to wave at the crowd!

UPDATE:  Turns out William and Kate were conservative — their son’s name is George Alexander Louis.  One day he could be King George VII.

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