Broken Record: Obama to Focus on the Economy

by Ryan on July 24, 2013

in Economy

President Obama begins his latest full-fledged campaign-style tour around the nation, this time so he can take credit for the economy.  This within a week of his blessed Detroit declaring bankruptcy, and with unemployment stuck at 7.6% with no indication that’s going to change substantially any time soon.

So, what’s he doing?

To me there are two very clear motivations:  first, to deflect from the tons of growing scandals gripping Washington (always watch the other hand with Obama); and most importantly, Obama needs to position himself as the savior of the economy over the month of August, when the Republicans are on recess and can’t respond as effectively.

The second issue is critical because in September we hit the debt ceiling (again) and negotiations with the House will be needed.  Obama wants to leave the press and the people the impression over the next month that anything other than what Obama wants will destroy the economy that Obama will argue he saved.  I hope the GOP can figure that out too.

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