Holt and Christie: Facepalm Inducing NJ Politicians

by Ryan on July 26, 2013

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Full disclosure:  Rush Holt used to be my Congressman who I voted against three times; plus, I will not vote to reelect Chris Christie this Fall — he’s a big government, bloviating, Obama-hugging ass.

That being said, Rush Holt has decided to run for Senate and may be going a little loopy, especially on the global warming front, directly advocating for a carbon tax to fix the problem.  As a self-identified “progressive” Rush Holt seems to believe that history began this morning and may start again tomorrow.  How else could he have ignored the impact of Climategate on this whole debate?  That was, like, four years ago — can’t expect anyone to remember that!  Holt is running as a “teacher” and “scientist,” but he’s been in Congress since 1999 — that’s 14 years and 8 election cycles.  Maybe he should go back to Princeton and have his graduate students grade some papers.

Governor Christie also reinforced his statist credentials by knocking national security “libertarians,” calling them “dangerous” while giving a pass to the hit on our individual liberties which has come to light in recent months.  Rand Paul and his spokesman essentially called Christie out of touch on the issue, implying Christie is not a fan of the Constitution.  I agree.

Christie believes that spying on all of our citizens’ phone records and emails could have prevented 9/11, when dealing with poor visas applications would have identified 15 of the 19 hijackers and either denied them entry to the US or outright booted them out of the country before the attacks.  One didn’t need my phone records or email passwords to do that.  Better government, not bigger government would have solved that issue in hindsight, but Christie is not interested is those kinds of subtleties — it’s not his schtick.

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