Paul Ryan Falls Into Immigration Trap

by Ryan on July 28, 2013

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The Senate’s immigration bill is a nightmare, and the House GOP could stop it dead.  But they won’t because the leadership sucks.

Case in point:  former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan promised piecemeal action in small steps on immigration by October.  On the surface, that’s already considerably more responsible than the Senate’s “comprehensive” morass.  However, he’s working under the wrong premise.  Our immigration system isn’t broken — it’s not being enforced properly.

While some of those enforcement mechanisms can be tweaked, the GOP idea that once we give legal status to the millions of illegals who are here, they will have to wait 15 years to become citizens is naive.  I hate to break it to the House GOP leadership, but that ain’t happening under Obama, especially with a Holder Justice Department.  That “15 years” will last right up until the first liberal federal judge hears the case for voting rights and rules in favor of Holder.  I’d give it 2-3 months.

Plus, October will be awful timing — the budget battle will be raging over enforcement and funding of Obamacare and a series of bellwether elections in swing states will be in full gear.  Perhaps that’s what the Establishment wants.  They are obviously beholden to the monied interests who want amnesty for cheap labor and will push to squeeze this in right when the conservative opposition will have tons of distractions.

How about focusing on the national debt? a federal budget? Benghazi-IRS-NSA-etc.-gate? or driving home the problems of Obamacare?  The people have no faith that this round of immigration reform will do anything positive anyway.  Marco Rubio’s reputation is ruined in my eyes over this issue; now Paul Ryan is giving him company on my political sh*t list.

My concerns are all about reality, philosophy and good politics — Rubio, Cantor, Ryan, Boehner, and McConnell are demonstrating that they are politically dumb and philosophically weak on really core issues.  “Immigration” isn’t about immigration.  It’s about cynical electoral politics, demolishing the welfare state, and overwhelming a job market with millions of workers we can’t employ anyway.  Until the rubes in the GOP establishment can see that, I will oppose them every chance I get.

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Steve August 2, 2013 at 8:36 am

A f’ing Men. Ryan is a jerk. These Ruplicans are clueless. They can’t be trusted with power. Rubio conservative? bull. Taalking about abortion weeks after getting in bed with chucky cheese the snake schumer dies not make one a conservative.

Now these repubs just gave themselves a pass on obamacare. How nice


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