Creepy Government “Behavioral Insights Team” to Study Us

by Ryan on July 30, 2013

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Back when Glenn Beck was on Fox, he’d sometimes devote entire shows to radicals who Obama has surrounded himself with.  The most famous of these revolved around communist Van Jones.  Another common target was Cass Sunstein, the former Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the OMB, who co-wrote a book called Nudge, which essentially promotes the old 1960s radical’s shift from focusing on “revolution” to “evolution” to achieve his statist goals.

Well, The Blaze just reported a story about the Administration planning to institute a panel of technocratic experts who will design better ways to sell the government’s programs through the monitoring of our behavior.  They’re calling it the “Behavioral Insights Team,” which is designed to “nudge” the public in the government’s direction through use of targeted propaganda.  Taken in concert with the NSA’s broad-based domestic spying and data collection, Obamacare’s IRS enforcement wing, the Common Core massive education data mining initiative, this “Behavioral Insights Team” is clearly part of the larger scheme of increasing domestic control of the people.

As a matter of principle, it is those who believe in the perfectibility of society who should scare all freedom-loving people the most.  This initiative, like many others, is in the name of government efficiency — a good thing.

However, taken in concert with the absolutely ridiculous amount of government inefficiencies, redundancies, fraud and abuse which are NOT being seriously addressed, this clearly seems devious.  It also demonstrates that the government thinks we are more of a problem than itself — they spy on us, will make health care decisions for us, ask unnecessarily probing questions of our children, and now are going to monitor our patterns to nudge us into compliance with their statist ideologies.

Sadly, everyday we endure this Administration we seem more like subjects than citizens.  This creepy “Behavioral Insights Team” seems to reinforce that.

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