NSA Spying and “24″

by Ryan on August 1, 2013

in Politics,Pop Culture,Tyranny,War on Terror

New information released today indicates the existence of an NSA program called “XKeyscore,” which can look at and track all your Internet data and behavior without prior authorization.  The NSA says that the targeting is specific (which is a practicality issue in a world of over 7 billion people), but those being targeted have no idea they were targeted, what information was gathered, or for what purpose.  If you live outside the US that’s one thing, but for those in the USA there’s this thing called the 4th Amendment which requires a warrant for such intrusions.

In an odd way, Fox’s old show 24 may have softened up some of the public to this kind of extra-Constitutional intrusion into our privacy.  If you were a fan of 24, you remember the fictional CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) doing this kind of intrusive data-mining in order to find bad guys.  It works on the show in order to move the highly complex and fast-paced plots along because frankly here’s a spoof of what 24 would have been like in 1994 without the somewhat plausible technological upgrades.

Now that technology has caught up with fiction, intrusive government surveillance is not just a plot device.  It’s real and we as a nation must clearly know beyond the clandestine and shady language why the government believes ignoring the 4th Amendment in this fashion is the best way to prevent terrorism, as well as rolling out a clear path for recourse regarding any kind of substantiated abuse to individuals in this country by this program.

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