Major al Qaeda Terror Plot Allegedly Upon Us

by Ryan on August 4, 2013

in Politics,War on Terror

Happy 52nd birthday, Mr. President.  Unfortunately, there’s an apparently “strategically significant” terror plot which reports indicate is pretty much ready to go!  Twenty-two embassies and consulates were closed down in anticipation of this attack, so I’m glad the President could get in a quick game of golf yesterday in the midst of all this.

One major reason why I loathe this administration is that while on the surface taking action on a terror plot like this is of course responsible and indeed appropriate, national security issues are handled first and foremost politically.  Tucker Carlson on Fox News this morning reinforced this point.  Details about getting Bin Laden could be leaked despite outrage from the intelligence and military communities and may have led to the deaths of 38 soldiers a few months later, but those involved in Benghazi must be silenced.  Both were secret operations with serious national security implications, but one helped the President, while the other hurts him.

So, what is the other hand doing?  A major terror plot about to unfold, requiring us to close embassies and freak out American people and our friends all over the world, but let’s place some golf and chill at Camp David until tomorrow.  Either Obama is in control of the situation, doesn’t care either way, or is using this to deflect attention away from something.  I hate thinking that way, but nearly five years of this administration has shown nothing less than such deception is not only plausible, but likely.

Regardless, I hope we do have this under control and that the details released do not expose our sources or methods in the future.

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