The Al Qaeda Threat Becomes More Clear (Sort of)

by Ryan on August 6, 2013

in International Relations,Politics,War on Terror

We apparently “know” (and I use that word loosely) a little bit more about the terror threat bugging out the US from Morocco to Bangladesh:  intercepts between Zawahiri and his AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) counterpart in Yemen indicate that the bomber who designed the underwear bomb as well as the body implant bomb has developed a liquid which can turn any object or piece of clothing into a bomb which we may have no way to detect.

So the evacuations and apparent drone strikes in Yemen may relate to that threat.  Also, the timing of the embassy closings coincided with a particular holy day in Ramadan, which happened to be Sunday.  Also, a little reported series of major al Qaeda jail breaks occurred just before the embassies were order closed;  hence all the chatter and sense of urgency.

OK.  Now we kind of know more about the threat.

However, we also know that coming forward with how we got this information is heavily damaging to national security.  The sources and methods we used to intercept the call between Zawahiri and crew are now exposed.

Why risk all the intel damage which wasn’t necessary to expose?  That’s where this may get political — Benghazi was botched, so they seem to have to overdo this crisis, releasing damaging info to diminish the outrage over the NSA surveillance program.  I hope that’s not true, but this administration brings out the cynic in many of us.

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