Romney Opposed to Defunding Obamacare

by Ryan on August 7, 2013

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Speaking to a large group of GOP fundraisers in New Hampshire yesterday, former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney sent the message that the GOP should give up any fight to defund Obamacare that would risk a government shutdown.

In Romney’s words:

I badly want Obamacare to go away, and stripping it of funds has appeal.  But we need to exercise great care about any talk of shutting down government.  What would come next when soldiers aren’t paid, when seniors fear for their Medicare and Social Security, and when the FBI is off duty?  I’m afraid that in the final analysis, Obamacare would get its funding, our party would suffer in the next elections, and the people of the nation would not be happy.  I think there are better ways to remove Obamacare.

Essentially, don’t bother.

With such a lack of intestinal fortitude, it’s no wonder why so many conservatives stayed home last November!  There has already been some push-back from the Tea Party, who aren’t surprised Romney’s wimping out on any kind of legislative and ideological fight.  Such a battle this Fall would spark renewed public debate and conversation about Obamacare which can only help the GOP.

What concerns me is Romney’s audience — donors who squeamishly tend to back mushy Establishment candidates, but also have the real power of their purse.  It’s these kinds of fundraisers who add pressure to support amnesty and would actually fight intramural battles to keep Obamacare funded as long as no waves are made, no chances are taken, and nothing in the Beltway changes.  In short, the kind of people in the GOP who don’t need any extra encouragement.

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