NFL Playoff Predictions

by Ryan on August 8, 2013

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The NFL’s preseason gets going tonight, and before you can blink the “Prediction Machine” has posted your team’s odds for winning the Super Bowl.  It’s basically just water-cooler material, but let’s indulge.

The Top Five Best Odds:  San Francisco 49ers (20.1%), Denver Broncos (14.6%), Green Bay Packers (10.5%), New England Patriots (8.9%), and Seattle Seahawks (7.2%)

The Bottom Five Worst Odds:  Jacksonville Jaguars (0.0%), Oakland Raiders (0.0%), Tennessee Titans (0.0%), Arizona Cardinals (0.1%), and Minnesota Vikings (0.2%)

Unfortunately, the NFL is on serious probation in my book, neutering the game a bit more season by season.  Well, it got worse — the NFL wants to penalize “excessive” celebrations.  Celebrations like spinning the ball (oh no!), sack dances (my word!), shoving the ball (huh?), pointing (really?), a military salute (that one pisses me off), etc.

The “No Fun League” is in full effect.  Just when the sport is reaching the apex of its popularity, the PC police behind the scenes are destroying the essence of the game — it’s raw toughness.

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