Obama in Spades

by Ryan on August 15, 2013

in Media,Poland,Stupid government,War on Terror

What would you do if after having apparently cancelled the Bin Laden raid three times already, it was finally happening on live feeds from the SEAL’s headcams on huge screens in the situation room?  I know I’d be glued!

However, a candid moment from Obama’s old “bodyman,” Reggie Love (some people are born with porn names, others have to construct them), indicated that waiting for the raid to unfold was arduous — so they went into the dining room, got bored, and played 15 games of spades while the raid was happening live on screens in the situation room.  Interestingly, the original site which had the July 18 Love video took it down abruptly.

Not sure if all this is just a distraction, or a way Love tried to make himself look hip, or something else.  At the end of the day, if it’s true that Obama mailed it in even on arguably the most important positive moment of his administration, it may shed light on his mysterious whereabouts during Benghazi.

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