Christians Targeted in Latest Round of Egyptian Violence

by Ryan on August 16, 2013

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Nearly 700 people have been killed along with thousands of others wounded in this week’s violence in Egypt, capped by today’s “Friday of Anger,” spurned by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Last month’s coup of the Morsi regime, which also ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power and replaced them with an interim military-controlled government, has reached a boiling point with the Muslim Brotherhood on the street.

One way they’ve stayed true to their radical Islamic creed is to use all this violence and chaos to target Coptic Christians across Egypt.  The Copts did not support Morsi’s regime (duh!), so the street is scapegoating their frustrations onto them, who represent 10% of the population.  Here’s a short list (as of yesterday) of the churches which have seen some kinds of violence.  The Coptic Patriarch has even gone into hiding for the second time since April, since the Christians have no legal recourse.

Obama took a moment from his vacation the other day to condemn the violence generally.  Talk about voting “present!”

Let’s remember that Obama stoked this revolution by supporting both the ouster of Mubarak as well as the Muslim Brotherhood government.  He needs to shut up, and just let events unfold.  Or he can speak productively (and unequivocally) against this borderline genocide against the Copts, as well as work with Congress (fat chance) to target where our aid to Egypt can go until the military deals with their mess.  Unfortunately for our Mideast policy right now, leadership matters.

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rightonoz August 21, 2013 at 9:01 pm

Much as I dislike him, you can’t hang this on Obama.

Mubarak was going down, and Obama did the smart thing, moved the support to the protesters, who at that stage were mainly moderates. The Muslim Brotherhood, managed an upset in the election, complacency on the part of the moderates, corruption, hard to say, however by siding with them, Obama was doing the only thing we could do, hoping they would live up to their all inclusive promises.

As we know, once in power. Morsi turned into the dictator and hardliner he had successfully hidden from view.

Their military had to act, while they had the moderate public behind them, before Morsi had so much power he was untouchable.


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