An Ill-Fated New York Dem Mayoral Gift Bag

by Ryan on August 18, 2013

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In the race to succeed Nanny Bloomberg as major of New York City, Michael Goodwin writing for the New York Post called out the Democrat candidates on the issues:  two of them for their complete ignorance of the city’s own history as they tried to pander with nostalgic platitudes about immigration; another for trying to out-progressive the others during a recent debate; while the other is Anthony Weiner — ’nuff said.

Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio (captain “progressive”), and Carlos Danger are all promising more goodies with more taxes on the “wealthy” for the good of this ethereal and amorphous thing called “the middle class” which no one can define in a concise way*.  If any of those four win, there will be a lot more wealthy New Yorkers going Galt, many more people hooked on the big government dependency drug, and a quickening of New York’s economic day of reckoning.

H/T: HotAir.

*Neither can I.  Try this:  You’re “middle class” if you’re able to pay off ALL of one’s bills and obligations each month with enough disposable income left over to reasonably engage in the consumer society.  That was about 60% of Americans in 1959, but about six people in the US today.

While we’re talking about hidebound 1950s-style definitions/solutions to 21st Century issues, our Marshall Plan-inspired pay-off-our-enemies-to-make-them-our-friends approach to foreign policy is also a hold over from the 1950s that seriously needs an update.

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