Common Core Coming to Your Kid’s School

by Ryan on August 19, 2013

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Starting in a few weeks, schools across the nation will be implementing the Common Core education standards K-12 with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed vigor.

The problem is that the Common Core has not been truly vetted and where it has been the results were not so good.  This article from The Blaze also shows a potential problem average people may have with the Common Core — it’s hard to describe and open to misinterpretation, mostly because it has real flaws and that so few people have implemented it.

Michelle Malkin has dismantled the Common Core in multiple ways, raising real concerns.  Using our children as subjects in another social engineering experiment is not likely to end well — just talk to the 68.9% New York state parents whose kids are not “proficient” at grade level.  That’s the type of result which should cause a good teacher to ask, “Was the test too hard or are my students just lazy?”

So, are our kids too lazy or are we asking too much of them?  It seems that critical thinking, synthesis, and evaluation of material can only occur with a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise on an issue.  However, much of that is being sped through in order to hurry to more complex outcomes that sound great to the uninitiated at school board meetings.

Generally, while it does have some real merits I find that Common Core wants to hurriedly vault our children to higher-order processes when they obviously have trouble with the lower-level stuff.

I don’t mind high expectations or a reality-check about our under-performing government schools, but Common Core has been thrust upon so many people so quickly without proper feedback that any reasonable person not blinded by enthusiastic salesmen or fancy jargon should be alarmed.

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