The Unnecessary Deaths of Shorty Belton and Chris Lane

by Ryan on August 24, 2013

in Culture,Media Bias

Delbert “Shorty” Belton was beaten to death by two teenagers with heavy flashlights Wednesday.  Shorty was an 88-year old World War II vet wounded in action on Okinawa who spent his life working for an aluminum company, making friends around the community in Spokane, WA.  As of this writing, the second suspect is still at-large.

Though it shouldn’t matter, in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict as well as the senseless murder of Australian Christopher Lane, our hyper-sensitive culture pushes us to note that Shorty’s murder was black-on-white crime, while Lane’s murder was probably racially motivated with two black and one white teen perpetrating the murder, though the Oklahoma district attorney doesn’t seem to think race was a factor.

While the administration and the cultural elites were ready to jump into the Zimmerman case and make it racial, the White House was “not familiar” with the Lane case a full two days after it happened and has since said nothing but boilerplate comments.  On the left’s quiet tone, Pat Buchanan wrote:

When Trayvon Martin was shot to death in a murky incident in Sanford, Fla., Jesse Jackson rushed there to declare: “Blacks are under attack. … Killing us is big business.” Trayvon was “shot down in cold blood by a vigilante … murdered and martyred.”

After Chris Lane’s cold-blooded murder, Jesse tweeted: This sort of thing is to be “frowned upon.”

Indeed.  Buchanan along with many others want these social and cultural issues discussed in the open, frankly and honestly.  Buchanan goes on:

But who created these monsters? Where did they come from? Surely one explanation lies in the fact that the old conscience-forming and character-forming institutions – home, church, school and a moral and healthy culture fortifying basic truths – have collapsed. And the community hardest hit is Black America.

Buchanan backs up his claim with devastating data and a simple truths:  until we truly try to figure out the roots of our culture’s problems and deal with them, there will be more senseless and tragic stories in the headlines like those of Shorty and Chris Lane.

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