It’s Past Time for “a la carte” Cable!

by Ryan on August 30, 2013

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Senator John McCain does have one issue that sets him apart from his peers in the Senate — he supports “a la carte” cable and has sponsored a bill to do something about it.  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  Called the “Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013,” this bill would allow subscribers to cable, Fios, Direct TV, etc., to choose which channels they want to have, rather can continue to pay for and subsidize channels they will never watch, or (in the case of MTV lately) don’t want their kids seeing at all.

For instance, I will never watch any of the four thousand Spanish-only channels provided by my cable because, frankly, I don’t understand Spanish and the programming seems a little… um… third worldish.  But I still have to pay for them.  I like ESPN, but not five channels of ESPN.  I like the NFL Network, but also pay for the NBA and MLB Networks which I never watch.  In fact, there are only about 30-35 channels out of the 200 I pay for that I actually watch within an average month.

I know it’s probably no business of the federal government to get involved in this kind of thing, but here is one issue where I believe that (at a minimum) pressure needs to be put on these companies to actually give us what we the consumers actually want — to pay for the channels we actually watch.

The programing providers say that they give us more choice than ever — so offer “Choices” as an option for people to pay for in addition to the channels they want!  This concept and reasonable solutions are not difficult to understand; it’s cutting through the K-Street lobby where there’s a problem.

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