Anti-War Crowd Rather Subdued on Syria

by Ryan on August 31, 2013

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In politics and life, I respect consistency.  For instance, Dennis Kucinich and I have starkly different philosophies, but at least he’s consistent in his views, especially about war.

So President Obama, a Progressive Liberal Democrat is on the verge of going to war with Syria:

  1. without a broad international coalition of any kind
  2. possibly without UN sanction or open debate
  3. using elements of evidence which most will never see
  4. perhaps without explicit Congressional approval
  5. without a clear and concise goal or exit strategy
  6. without even giving a live televised address explaining what is going on
  7. moving forward through Secretary of State Kerry (why not Defense Secretary Hagel? Isn’t war more of his area?) on a document-dump Friday before a long holiday weekend — a sketchy-as-hell move

In sum:  going it alone into a civil war with spotty intel about WMDs (intel which gets even more blurry over time!) possibly without Congressional approval, an exit strategy, supposition of regime change, or even one live Presidential address.

So, where is the outrage on the left?

Aside from a few muted token protests by the usual suspects, there’s an awful lot of silence compared to February 2003, before the Iraq War.  By the way, Dubya got Congressional approval, a UN Resolution (1441), a coalition of dozens of nations, and gave plenty of public speeches before combat operations began.  All that occurred after 12 years of Iraq violating UN resolutions, attacking US jets in the no-fly-zones, attempting to assassinate a President Bush in Kuwait, constantly antagonizing his neighbors, murdering an estimated 300,000 Shi’ites, being involved in the biggest international money laundering scandal ever (the UN’s Oil-For-Food Program), and offering moral support to al Qaeda after 9/11… and that was somehow a “rush to war?”  Gimme a break.

Let’s face it, the left is mostly devoid of principle outside of obtaining and maintaining power.  So when it’s their guy about to take us down an unwarranted military road, one can still hear crickets from those who are supposedly anti-war, who now look merely anti-Bush.

UPDATEObama says in a real speech that he’ll seek Congressional approval before ordering strikes.  He obviously wants Congress to give him authorization, but it’s a good move.

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