Syria: Sarin Gas Used, but Whose Was It?

by Ryan on September 2, 2013

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My thoughts on Syria are pretty clear:  with no clear strategic American interest in that civil war, let Iran’s proxies in the Assad regime and the Islamist rebels keep killing each other.  The only other pressing issue is letting the use of chemical weapons go unpunished, especially after all of President Obama’s “red line” statements.

But, one has to ask — what benefit would the Assad regime have in using chemical weapons, knowing that the US and/or the international community would be completely outraged and likely interfere on behalf of the rebels?

None — Assad is already winning.  However, the rebels have American cruise missiles raining down on regime targets; it would be a major opportunity for them.

This weekend, once again, Secretary of State Kerry asserted that sarin nerve gas was used in the August attack, which killed over 1,400 people.  OK, but a quick web search found that apparently sarin nerve gas was also the issue in an early June border dispute between Turkey and Syria, in which the Turks found 2 kilos of sarin in the hands of one of the rebel groups!

Was that factored into Kerry’s report?  What about reports that the Saudis were supplying chemical weapons to yet another rebel group?

Until this issue gets a full vetting and we can completely rule out the rebels gassing their own people to change the war, Congress should follow Parliament’s lead and absolve themselves from this mess.

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