Boehner on Board with Obama on Syria Means War

by Ryan on September 3, 2013

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House Speaker John Boehner had a meeting with Obama today and the usual happened — Boehner caved to Obama’s wishes, this time on the issue of military action in Syria:

Later, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, General Dempsey and others attended a picnic Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing where they tried to make the case for limited war; Kerry even admitting that he could not rule out boots on the ground.

I listened to McCain and Kerry’s exchange around 5pm EDT.  McCain repeatedly called him “John” and the two were like old buddies.  Remember that other time Kerry testified in front of this committee?  McCain may not have noticed that Kerry’s attitude on war has obviously changed since McCain was obviously distracted by the online poker he was playing during the committee hearing.  The stakes are that high!

So, with Boehner, Cantor, McCain, and other Establishment Republicans queuing up to thump their chests the loudest, a war resolution looks like a done-deal, regardless of the people’s opinions on it.*  Matt Drudge had a telling tweet today on the Boehner announcement where he wonders why anyone votes Republican.  Good question.

But our leaders are wiser, have more intel (which we’ll never see), and are part of the same Ruling Class club.  So what could be wrong with marching the plebes off on an Obama face-saving venture which will kill even more people, while stirring up a region which already hates us on a mission with no real strategic reason for us to be fighting it?  Right.

*Food for thought:  it took over six years for Vietnam to have numbers as low as a possible Syria intervention has today!  Iraq’s numbers were never that low in its first six years.


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