A Poorer New Jersey

by Ryan on September 8, 2013

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During the first four years of Governor Pop N’ Fresh Chris Christie New Jersey is still in the grips of the Great Recession.  The Garden State has a stagnant 8.6% unemployment (higher than the national faux-average of 7.3%), along with a staggering 24.7% poverty rate, the highest it has been in 52 years.  My county is within the low 20% poverty range.

Our subjective definitions of what constitutes “poverty” definitely have a first-world bias, but many factors contribute to the stagnant economy here in Jersey.  Part-time work is a big one.  The jobs just aren’t coming back either — the $70+ billion of capital which fled NJ during Governor Corzine’s tenure have not returned under Christie.  Jersey is also an expensive state to live in and the tax and regulatory burden is quite heavy.  On top of that, back in the McGreevey era NJ instituted an 8.9% “millionaire’s tax,” which despite his rhetoric Christie has not overturned, only tweaked.  Until this climate changes a future as stagnant as the Turnpike (circa Exit 14-16) will shroud my state.

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