Putin Echoes Obama on American Exceptionalism

by Ryan on September 12, 2013

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The United States of America.  Simply, there has been no nation or people in the history of mankind that has done more for the expansion of human freedom and dignity than the United States.  With an economy which has grown an average of just over 1% for over 200 years, the modern world owes its standard of living to innovations, protection, and trade secured by the United States.  In short, while not perfect (no one person or nation ever is) and while having some help along the way (until about 1815), America is pretty awesome in the grand scheme of things.  Perhaps even “exceptional.”

Regarding that idea of American exceptionalism, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote in an oped published in the New York Times:

It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.

Whatever — Putin’s just an autocrat loving Obama’s ineptitude on the world stage and taking a victory lap.  Russia’s in awful shape, so he probably isn’t used to seeing a proud people accustomed to a relatively high level of individual freedom.  Or, maybe he was just echoing President Obama back in 2009, who implied a similar message about American exceptionalism!

What an embarrassment.  If I were Putin I might take this same opportunity to zing America, who not just elected, but reelected Obama, who is showing himself to be a boob.  Putin probably also loved this tid bit from Bashar al Assad about giving up his chemical weapons [my emphasis]:

When we see that the U.S. genuinely stands for stability in our region, stops threatening us with military intervention and stops supplying terrorists with weapons, then we will consider it possible to finalize all necessary procedures and they will become legitimate and acceptable for Syria.

Hmm… wonder what he’s talking about?

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