House Votes to Defund Obamacare

by Ryan on September 20, 2013

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So, the House bit the bullet and voted 230-189 for a continuing resolution (since those antiquated things called “budgets” are from a seemingly bygone era) to defund Obamacare while keeping the rest of the government open.  Though Dead On Arrival in the Senate, the House did the right thing by forcing another debate.

Now things may get complicated over in the Senate.  Harry Reid is likely to add-in Obamacare funding to the House bill, perhaps with a mere 50-vote threshold instead of the required 60 votes.  So Ted Cruz and company are ready to filibuster the House bill in that case.  Odd, but such a move would make sense.

In order to push Obama and Reid into a compromise, the GOP needs to get the word out on what Obamacare really is all about, putting pressure the Dems from all angles.  Should a shutdown occur, the GOP needs to have positioned themselves on the right side of the issue ahead of time.  The next ten days is that time.

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