Steyn on the Gov’t Shutdown

by Ryan on October 5, 2013

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Mark Steyn’s latest column on the government shutdown expresses some of his observations on shutting down the open-air WWII Memorial, etc.  Here’s one:

The World War II Memorial exists thanks to some $200 million in private donations – plus $15 million or so from Washington: In other words, the feds paid for the grass. But the thug usurpers of the bureaucracy want to send a message: In today’s America, everything is the gift of the government, and exists only at the government’s pleasure, whether it’s your health insurance, your religious liberty, or the monument to your fallen comrades.

This nationwide “open-air closure” phenomenon is clearly designed to send the above message: this is our[the government's] country, the rest of you just live here!  An angry Park Service ranger exposed the administration’s hand when he said, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”  Yes, it is.  So is the possibility that Catholic priests could get arrested for volunteering to have Mass.

Later in his piece, Steyn referred to James Piereson’s notion of “punitive liberalism” as the embodiment of what’s going on.  The GOP needs to seize on these examples of arbitrary authoritarianism and pound that ridiculousness home to the people, rather than taking out their frustrations on some their own (the Stupid Party strikes again).

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