Letter from Disaffected College Grad on Obamacare

by Ryan on October 9, 2013

in Culture,Health Care,Stupid government

A viral Facebook post by 26 year old Ashley Dionne pretty much says it:  Obamacare has “raped my future.”  With a bachelors degree she’s overqualified for many of the jobs which are available, barely works 32 hours a week (for now), her health care premiums have skyrocketed, and she has mild cerebral palsy (a pre-existing condition).  Obamacare was supposed to help people in her demographic, but it’s crushing their opportunities instead.  Here are some other problems to think about.

Obamacare is designed for a country in decline.  Overworked, underpaid, settling for scraps rather than insisting on a seat at the table, today’s low-information young adult voters are either going to acquiesce to their big government masters or demand these unsustainable programs change.  Obamacare clearly is not the best we can do.  I just hope today’s young adults can see that.

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