George Will on Liberal’s Anger

by Ryan on October 10, 2013

in Culture,History,Politics

I was thumbing through RCP this morning when I bumped in to George Will’s latest piece entitled, “When Liberals Became Scolds.”  In it, he echoes James Piereson’s concept of “punitive liberalism” which is impacting those selected areas shut down by the federal government lately.  George Will traces this attitude to the left’s reaction to the Kennedy assassination — that JFK was killed by more than just Oswald, but the mean spirit of America itself.  After Kennedy, the left became focused not just on material well-being, but on the cultural issues, which usually required a bad guy to rail against in order to gain attention.  That meanie?  Mainstream American society, of course!

It’s a clever attempt at explaining something we all know to be true — liberals have no sense of humor and sometimes can be down right mean.

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