Dispelling the Myths of the Government Shutdown

by Sal on October 12, 2013

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Thomas Sowell has a fantastic piece that dispels many myths regarding the government shutdown.  First, he points out how, step by step, the Democrats are responsible for the shutdown, not the GOP.  Most importantly, though, he dispels the myth that it is somehow invalid for the House Republicans to defund Obamacare:

Whether Obamacare is good, bad or indifferent is a matter of opinion. But it is a matter of fact that members of the House of Representatives have a right to make spending decisions based on their opinion.

Obamacare is indeed “the law of the land,” as its supporters keep saying, and the Supreme Court has upheld its constitutionality.
But the whole point of having a division of powers within the federal government is that each branch can decide independently what it wants to do or not do, regardless of what the other branches do, when exercising the powers specifically granted to that branch by the Constitution.

The whole piece is worth a read.  It gives a clean, common-sense explanation of what led to the shutdown, and why the Democrats are to blame.

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rightonoz October 15, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Under our system, when the opposition blocks supply (the equivalent of what’s happened in the US), the government has the ability to dissolve both Houses and call a double dissolution election.

It means every seat in both houses comes up for re-election, giving the People the power to go in one direction, and hopefully giving one party the majority in both houses.

Gives the People the opportunity to firmly tell one of the parties they don’t agree with their policies.

You guys need something similar! Tell one side they are wrong and get government moving again.


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