Vets Move “Barrycades” to the White House

by Ryan on October 13, 2013

in Culture,History,Stupid government

Driven by the Obama Administration’s punitive liberalism which targeted World War II veterans early in the government shutdown, the so-called “Million Vet March” earlier today saw US veterans take some of those infamous “barrycades” parked out front of certain memorials, pick them up, and literally carry some of them all the way to the White House!  Here is some raw footage from nearby.  Love these guys!

It is unfortunate that things have gone this far.  The people are getting angry, not appreciating the not-so-subtle shoves coming from this administration.  What’s next — will President Obama order tear gas and rubber bullets at the next unruly crowd of vets or any other protesters?  Would we even have fathomed such a question five years ago?  We’ve definitely come far since the days of Hopenchange.

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