The Government Reopens, the People Continue to Lose

by Ryan on October 17, 2013

in Politics

After nearly 17 days, the latest government shutdown has come to an end.  The federal government has enough cash to spend our kid’s and grandkid’s money until January 15, when another apocalyptic, world-ending crisis will inevitably take place to push us to the brink — a brink which will take place on or around February 7 when we bump up against the debt ceiling once again.

So what did the deal entail?  The government is open, the debt ceiling is raised, Obamacare lives, and the bill was filled with pork.  The “McConnell Mechanism” is in place, but not permanent.

Obama made a statement indicating that “we’ve got to get out of the habit of governing by crisis.”  Interesting.  Could Obama tell that to Valerie Jarrett, the person running his White House and apparently pushing that very strategy?  He also went on to instruct the nation to ignore pretty much everyone but him.  It’s too bad Obama is President of the United States — his political posturing and lecturing would do so well in Venezuela.

So, Obama takes a victory lap (again, notice how he speaks as if he just showed up to Washington last week), but America has more debt, doubled down on its new unsustainable health care program, and guaranteed another future political crisis in 90 days.  Great.  Once again, Washington opens and we the people get shafted.

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