Obamacare: Screwing Up the Easy Part

by Ryan on October 21, 2013

in Health Care,Politics

Ron Fournier writing for the National Journal hits the nail on the head — Obama and crew should be “freaked out” about the unveiling of the President’s signature piece of legislation.  Granted, knowing the absolute train-wreck of a disaster Obamacare’s roll out has been, Obama did speak in the Rose Garden today to (sort of) acknowledge the obvious.

Yet, Fournier outlines five worries the White House should have: everyone knows the roll-out is worse than advertized, signing people up at this point should be easy, it reflects poorly on Obama, as well as the government itself, and finally it’s likely to hurt people (45 states will see people’s premiums rise because of Obamacare!).  To be sure, Fournier was being very diplomatic in the article, but he still hits the mark.

Although this won’t mean anything to either party, a one year delay looks more sensible than ever.

UPDATE:  Jon Stewart even had some fun with Obamacare’s “glitch” issue.

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