Deep Blue Jersey Feeling Obamacare’s Sting

by Ryan on October 24, 2013

in Election 2014,Health Care,Politics,Stupid government

Many useful idiots here in the Garden State, who voted 58-41% to keep America an Obama Nation (including 60-70% of my county), probably didn’t see this coming:  because of the new insurance mandates under Obamacare an estimated 800,000 New Jerseyans will have their health insurance directly threatened, dropped, or face significant changes.  Even my plan has had some changes to it since Obamacare passed in 2010 — and I have a “Cadillac” public employee union health care plan!

In the midst of all this, a growing list of vulnerable Democrats are splitting with the administration, calling for a delay in implementing Obamacare’s  punitive individual mandate for weeks or even up to a year!  You know, basically what Ted Cruz was saying since even before this month’s shutdown.

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