Is Delaying Obamacare Good or Bad for the GOP?

by Ryan on October 26, 2013

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Now that the grandstanding has subsided and the Obama Administration has won their glorious roll-out of Obamacare, what is a Republican to do?  With Democrats lining up to push for a delay, a coalition in the Senate may emerge with enough votes to delay the individual mandate until after the 2014 Election.  That would be good for the country, but potentially not so good for Republicans.  Conundrum.

Larry Kudlow, writing for NRO, believes that since the GOP fought and lost their attempt to delay the individual mandate, facing tough criticism and record low approval ratings in the process, the GOP should do no favors to the Obama Administration by going along with a delay.  The Dems fought hard and long to achieve this complete boondoggle and the people voted to keep 90% of our federal elected officials (including the President) in office just one year ago.  The GOP is on the record opposing it.  Let the Dems have their cake.

I understand Kudlow’s point and for the most part agree with them.  The left keeps taunting the GOP to win elections (which they did;  they won the House), so let’s just embrace the idea that elections have consequences, especially after the latest fight to stop this monstrosity from destroying the private health care industry.  That’s the catch though — the longer Obamacare screws things up, the more difficult it will be to reform, repeal, or replace it.

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